Podcast: Wojciechowski talks PSU

Gene Wojciechowski joined Matt Barrie and Ivan Maisel on the ESPNU College Football podcast recently to discuss Penn State and "ESPN All Access: Penn State Training Days."

You can listen to the full podcast here. (Wojciechowski joins around the 13-minute mark.)

A few notes:

  • Wojciechowski didn't know head coach Bill O'Brien too well going into the documentary. But, going out of the project, Wojciechowski said this: "If you're a Penn State fan or follower, you are in good hands. Bill O'Brien, I think, is the perfect guy for Penn State at this point in their history. And I hope he stays there for a long, long time."

  • O'Brien wasn't initially all that receptive to camera crews coming in for more than two weeks and filming everything. But he ultimately saw how it could be beneficial to Penn State and agreed.

  • O'Brien's sarcasm was sometimes difficult to detect. At one point, he jokingly kicked out the camera crew ... but the crew thought he was serious. Wojciechowski later went to smooth things over and found out O'Brien was just kidding around.

  • Listening to O'Brien at practice was quite the experience for Wojciechowski: "By the end of the practices, I swear to God, I could have gone out there -- and not physically been able to do what they were doing, obviously -- but just through osmosis you picked it up. He explains things in a way that are easy to understand, and I thought he was amazing with those kids."