B1G to allow unlimited replays in stadiums

Remember that time when your favorite Big Ten team got hosed on a terrible call and you looked up at the massive JumboTron in the stadium for a replay, only to see a shot of the mascot shaking its massive noggin?

Those days, thankfully, are over.

Rejoice, Big Ten fans, as the league today announced that its schools can show an "unlimited number of replays on football stadium video boards." Yes, even the highly controversial calls can be replayed over and over.

The Big Ten's gameday experience subcommittee also approved schools to show multiple replays at any speed. Previously, institutions could only show a replay at no less than 75 percent of real-time speed. This means when a call goes against the home team, the stadium video crew can show it over and over in slo-mo.

Those poor, poor officials.

"Our goal on game day is to blend the best parts of an in-stadium experience with the best parts of an at-home experience," Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said in a prepared statement. "Enhanced replay is just one way to do that, and we look forward to making it available to our fans this year."

The subcommittee also is encouraging all institutions to provide full Wi-Fi in their stadiums as well as enhanced video content such as locker-room video that can be played on the video boards. They are also encouraging more coverage of Big Ten and other NCAA games on the video boards. The league also wants its institutions to explore having social media lounges in their stadiums, much like the ones recently set up at professional sports venues.

The Big Ten clearly is concerned about upgrading the game-day experience. Last season, the league had its lowest average attendance figure since the 2008 season, although Big Ten teams occupied six of the top 20 FBS spots in average attendance.

Today's announcement undoubtedly will be a hit with the fans, and it should be. Bad calls shouldn't be hidden from fans in the stadium when those at home see them replayed over and over.

If you have a suggestion for improving the gameday experience in the Big Ten, contact Big Ten staffer Kerry Kenny at kkenny@bigten.org.

Kerry, I hope you have some space in your inbox.