Shrine Game updates on BT hopefuls

As AI famously said, "We talkin' about practice."

East-West Shrine Game practice, that is.

If you haven't done so already, check out Scouts Inc.'s coverage of the Shrine Game preparations this week in Florida. Todd McShay and the other experts are weighing in about all of the players in Orlando, including Big Ten NFL hopefuls on the East squad.

Scouts Inc. has been blogging on Day 2 of practice, and McShay recapped Day 1.

Here are some comments about the Big Ten contingent:

Penn State QB Daryll Clark: "Clark appears to be much more comfortable in the early part of this practice. He is throwing with better confidence and accuracy. He did overthrew 6-10 Army TE Ali Villanueva once, but so far he has looked much more confident and comfortable today."

Northwestern QB Mike Kafka: "Kafka, on the other hand, was by far the most accurate East quarterback on Monday and he put great touch on his passes. The concern with him is his drops. Kafka is trying to transition from playing in a shotgun-heavy attack to a pro-style system and his footwork appeared awkward at times." ..."He's looking poised in the pocket and he's moving around well. One concern of ours that showed up again today is his arm strength. The ball does not explode off his hand and there's not enough velocity on his downfield passes.

Wisconsin LB/DE O'Brien Schofield: "Quickness and straight-line speed do not appear to be an issue." ... "On the other hand, Schofield stumbled once when asked to change directions during bag work and looked stiff in space during the team period. In fact, the East coaching staff lined him up on the inside at times. Additionally, he's clearly a raw linebacker." ... "He's switching from DE to LB this week -- and it's a traditional LB, not just a pass rusher -- so we give him credit because he's flying around, mixing it up and showing he's very coachable. Players come here to showcase their skills, but he's learning on the job and it must be a very frustrating experience."

Purdue DT Mike Neal: "Neal is a bit undersized by most teams' standards, but he will fit well as a three-technique in a Tampa 2 type scheme (Colts, Bears, etc.)."

Michigan State WR Blair White: "One of the most underrated receivers in attendance is Michigan State WR Blair White. While he isn't the fastest receiver on the field, he makes up for it with sudden route running."

Penn State TE Andrew Quarless: "Penn State's Andrew Quarless might be the most physically gifted tight end here -- and that's including BYU's Dennis Pitta -- but he looks annoyed that he's having to practice. He's not dogging it or anything, but there's no extra effort, the attention to detail kind of wanes and you see it in his play and technique. Something's missing with him."

Ohio State OL Jim Cordle: "OL Jim Cordle was very slow off the ball, heavy footed and lacked the initial quickness off the ball needed to make the block. Against Virginia's Nate Collins, he didn't get out of his stance quick enough, had his head down and Collins exploded out, used his hands and beat Cordle to the side."

Ohio State DT Doug Worthington: "Worthington lacked explosion and pop off the ball. He's kind of a one-speed guy and not changing it up. He's high out of his stance as well. We'll look for more from him during the team period."

Indiana LT Rodger Saffold: "Watching 1-on-1 pass rush drills and Indiana OL Rodger Saffold stole the show. He showed great feet and stoned LSU's Rahim Alem twice, the second time putting him on the ground." ... "On a later turn, Saffold kept in front of Ole Miss' Greg Hardy off the edge."