Calling all Maryland and Rutgers fans

Maryland and Rutgers won't officially join the Big Ten until July 1, but we will be including both programs in the Big Ten blog soon. Very soon. Like, this week.

As we roll out our introductions to the Scarlet Knights and the Terrapins in the coming days, we also want to hear from the new fans who will hopefully be reading us. So, Maryland and Rutgers fans, we want to know your thoughts on joining the Big Ten. Are you excited about the move? What are your expectations for immediate competitiveness? What questions do you have about the league? And what should other Big Ten fans know about your school, your traditions and -- maybe most importantly -- the best places to eat and carouse while visiting?

Please send all your comments here, making sure to include your name and affiliation. Later this week, we'll run the best of your responses as we get ready for a new era in the Big Ten.