B1G coaches' tournament: Game 3

On Wednesday, we introduced the all-time Big Ten coaches tournament, and we kicked things off Thursday with our first two opening-round game.

We're continuing to creep through the first round today. Remember, this is a 12-team tournament in which the top four seeds all received byes. Those top four seeds are:

1. Woody Hayes, Ohio State

2. Bo Schembechler, Michigan

3. Tom Osborne, Nebraska

4. Joe Paterno, Penn State

Our next contest features the No. 7 seed taking on the No. 10 seed, with a chance to meet Schembechler in the second round on the line. Your votes will determine the winner, and you have until early Tuesday morning to weigh in on this one.

The latest matchup:

No. 7 Minnesota's Bernie Bierman vs. No. 10 Wisconsin's Barry Alvarez

Tournament résumés:

  • Alvarez: He revived the Badgers program during his 16 years as head coach in Madison, compiling 118 wins and three Rose Bowl championships. In fact, Alvarez is the only league coach to ever win back-to-back Rose Bowls. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2010, and he always brought a certain swagger to the field that can still be felt in the program, which he oversees as athletic director.

  • Bernie Bierman, Minnesota: The Golden Gophers were a dominant program under Bierman (and is that a classic Minnesota name, or what?). They claimed five national titles under his stewardship, in 1934, 1935, 1936, 1940 and 1941, while amassing seven Big Ten championships. He went 93-35-6 at Minnesota and also won a national title as a player with the Gophers.

Which coach advances? Vote now, and drop us a note as to why you voted the way you did. The best responses will run in our results posts.