B's players show solidarity at NYC meetings

Boston Bruins defenseman and former NHLPA player rep for the team Andrew Ference tweeted Wednesday that a lot of players traveled to New York City for NHLPA meetings.

"We have the whole team on the train down to NYC, even picked up an Oiler, Coyote, Penguin and Predator. #theplayers," Ference posted on Twitter early Wednesday afternoon.

The Bruins reportedly had the largest showing of any NHL team. Prior to heading to the Big Apple, winger Milan Lucic was excited that he and his teammates were showing their solidarity as the NHLPA and NHL tried to find a way to reach some sort of agreement or progress on a new collective bargaining agreement before Saturday's deadline.

"It's good that a lot of guys are going to find out where we're at as a union. We're going to have some long meetings tonight and tomorrow morning, and we're going to get more clarity of what to expect over the next few weeks," Lucic told CSNNE.com Wednesday. "With all of the players showing up, it shows that we're against the lockout and we want this game to grow and continue. It's no secret that the game has grown tremendously over the last few years and it's headed in a really good direction. [Union head] Don [Fehr] is very black and white with us, so we know exactly what's going on. The large attendance in New York City really shows our solidarity."

Unfortunately, early reports coming from the meetings between the NHLPA and NHL still pointed to a lockout, but both sides said they were reviewing the latest proposals made Wednesday.