One milestone down, many to go

BOSTON -- There was plenty of hype surrounding 19-year-old Dougie Hamilton as his NHL debut approached, but the Bruins’ rookie seemed unfazed by it all Saturday night after getting that first game under his belt.

"I really don't pay attention to that stuff and for me it was more fun," said Hamilton, who played solid in 13:40 of ice time. "I'm used to all that hype from the World Junior Championships and playing for Hockey Canada so it's not new."

But it wasn't just the international experience that helped prepare him for the NHL, it was also Hamilton's parents Doug (rowing) and Lynn (basketball) who competed -- and met -- at the 1984 Olympics.

"They have dealt with all of that hype and stuff and they kind of taught me how to deal growing up and over last few years," said Hamilton of his Olympian parents, who were at TD Garden for their son's first game. "They were calm tonight for sure. But maybe didn't like it when the camera went on them."

Hamilton was asked what he thought of the local media and how they've treated him so far.

"The media here is a little annoying," he joked. "No just kidding, but it's really no big deal to me. I got so many leaders around here and they help me not pay attention to anything positive or negative. They don't let me get too high or too low."

Hamilton had to be pretty happy after playing his first NHL game and helping his team win ... right?

"I'm happy to reach that milestone but I have so many more goals," Hamilton said. "There's no need to get too high. I want to keep getting better. This was fun but it's behind me now."