Horton fine, B's relieved after hard hit

BOSTON -- Bruins forward Nathan Horton, who took a hard hit from Dion Phaneuf on David Krejci’s game-winning goal in OT of Game 4, appears to be fine.

With Phaneuf going for the hit, Horton was able to pass the puck to Krejci for a 2-on-1 with Milan Lucic that resulted in the game-winner.

"That winning goal, that was one of those where you've got one eye looking at that outnumbered situation, your other eye looking at if your other guy is going to be getting up," head coach Claude Julien said Thursday afternoon. "So it's a little bit of both. But when that goal was scored, the first thing I did was look if Nathan was still on the ice or if he was up. He's fine. It was a bit of a body blow from an aggressive forecheck on Phaneuf's part, and it ended playing in our favor."

Horton, who reported no ill effects on Thursday, said he wasn't surprised by the incoming Phaneuf.

"I knew he was coming," said Horton. "I tried to get myself around him, too, when I chipped the puck, and obviously he took me out and I couldn't get around him. But it worked out well because Dave got it."

Horton is second on the team in playoff scoring and points with three goals and three assists.