Bruins keep Gagne in their thoughts

BOSTON – With Bruins forward Simon Gagne out indefinitely due to a personal leave of absence to be with his ailing father, Gagne’s teammate have him and his family in their thoughts.

Gagne returned to Quebec to be with his father, who was recently diagnosed with an incurable form of liver cancer.

“It’s a sad situation and we’re all here for him, we’re all supporting him,” said Bruins assistant captain Patrice Bergeron. “Family is definitely the most important thing in life. We’ll welcome him with open arms when he comes back, but until then he needs to make sure he spends time with his family.”

This is Gagne’s first season in Boston and he’s become a popular teammate. Bergeron, a fellow Quebec native, is one of the reasons Gagne signed a tryout agreement with the Bruins, before the organization officially signed him at the start of the season. His absence puts things into perspective for his teammates.

“You have to realize family is always first no matter what,” Bergeron said. “We’re definitely thinking of him.”