No timetable on Gagne's return from leave

BOSTON -- There's still no timetable for when Boston Bruins forward Simon Gagne will return to the team. He's on an indefinite leave of absence, returning home to Quebec City early last week to be with his ailing father, who was recently diagnosed with an incurable form of liver cancer.

After the team's practice Monday at TD Garden, coach Claude Julien said he was planning on reaching out to Gagne later in the day.

"Out of respect, I'm going to reach out to him," Julien said. "He left early last week and I want to give him some time, I don't want to be texting him every day and feeling like he's got the pressure of coming back. We told him he had to deal with his personal issues that we respect and understand. I'll reach out to him to see how's he's doing, not to see when he's coming back."