Player diary: Bruins winger Milan Lucic

ESPNBoston.com will be checking in throughout the season with Bruins left winger Milan Lucic, who discusses his upcoming return to the ice from a broken finger, what fans should look for while watching a game and what the best part of Thanksgiving is to him.

As told to Louise K. Cornetta

I'm good and everything is going according to schedule. Everything is great and feels great. It's all positive from here on in. I kind of went through this last year when I missed seven games with the upper body injury. It is tough watching, you know. You really want to get out there and start playing. Especially only having played six games into the season before getting hurt does make it tougher to watch. When I do get back, I think the main thing is I want to get my timing down to where you want it to be. Try to get that physicality back to get back that physical presence I bring to the game. So for me, it's more just going back out there playing strong and keeping things simple.

I've been on skates every day for the past few weeks, but I haven't really handled a puck much. That sucks. It felt kind of like summer training being out there with the cords, the tubes and the parachutes on you. That way, I could work on my skating to keep it up where I wanted it to be. So when I come back, it's up to par.

As I mentioned last time, I've been watching the road games at Savy's [Marc Savard's] house. I watch the home games here at the Garden, up in the press box. There's a lot of things to watch. The main thing is to watch the players without the puck. A lot of times folks will focus on the puck. It's natural, even for me, sometimes you get caught looking at the puck even when you're watching. The main thing is watching the great goal scorers and how they create goals. It's watching the guys without the puck and where they go and create space that way to get open for guys to find them in scoring positions.

When I go to Savy's place to watch the road games, we watch just in his living room. He has a nice HD screen there that's nice to watch the game on. Of course, he feeds me. He always takes care of me. He always has. We're pretty vocal watching. We're always vocal even when we're playing or not playing. We always like to talk about things like maybe so and so should have done this instead of that. Maybe we criticize too much when we're talking to each other! But you know, we have a lot of fun watching together and those type of things.

Thanksgiving isn't too far away. We have Thanksgiving in Canada. Same thing, turkey and all that type of stuff. It is a little bit bigger here than it is back in Canada. Kids like it in Canada because they get a long weekend. We celebrate a month before they do here. I like eating the turkey, but I'm not a big fan of stuffing. I know a lot of people like stuffing, but I'm not a big fan. I usually just stick to the white meat, mashed potatoes and I do like the Brussels sprouts and broccoli that goes with it. Dessert is pumpkin pie, of course, with the Cool Whip. Really, that and Christmas are the only two times you get to eat a meal like this. I'm not a big help in the kitchen. I like to watch, not do, the cooking. I like the scent that goes with the cooking. As for the cleaning, I'll put my dishes away. After a big meal like that, the one thing you want to do is sit-down and catch your breath.

The last two years, Shawn Thornton usually has the younger guys at his place for Thanksgiving. It's become the tradition to go his place. We'll see if I get the invite for this one. I'm the youngest guy on the team again, so I think that's probably the plan for now. Then we have the early game on Black Friday, that's usually always a fun one. The fans love that one a lot. It's nice play a game and enjoy a nice meal after the game like that.