Draft rumors: Bruins like Murphy at No. 9

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

MINNEAPOLIS -- The New York Rangers had super-skilled D-man Ryan Murphy in for testing and an interview last week. I hope he made the most of his time in the Big Apple and caught a couple of shows, because it's unlikely he'll land on Broadway during tonight's first round.

All reports here indicate he will not get past the Boston Bruins at No. 9. Murphy also made a trip to test and interview with the Bruins and the word is that Peter Chiarelli and company came away with everything they wanted to see and hear to not only draft him -- as we suggested in our final mock draft -- but also expect him to be in the lineup at age 18.

My gut is that it might be a good pick but a rush into the Bruins' lineup risks the development of a elite prospect. While the combine mostly confirmed opinions about Murphy not being physically ready, his emotional readiness might be more problematic.

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