Marchand on slew-foot fine: 'Something I shouldn't have done'

BOSTON -- It took almost one week for the NHL to fine Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand $2,500 for a slew-footing incident against the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Matt Niskanen on Dec. 5.

The league ruled on Monday and Marchand addressed the situation after the Bruins’ morning skate on Tuesday. He explained that he met with Brendan Shanahan, the NHL’s vice president of player safety, on Monday to discuss the incident. Shanahan was actually in Boston to meet with the entire Bruins team, as he does with all teams.

“They’re trying to protect guys and it doesn’t matter if it’s a week later, or not,” Marchand said. “It served its purpose.

“It was a dangerous play and it was definitely a slew-foot,” Marchand said. “Those are dangerous plays and guys can get hurt like that. It’s something I shouldn’t have done and they penalized me for it and I’ll move on now.”

Immediately after Marchand was called for tripping, he confronted Niskanen in order to take the blame and get any retribution over with right there and then.

“It was a bit of a cheap shot, so I wanted to get it over with and answer the bell, I guess,” explained Marchand.

Time and again Bruins coach Claude Julien has had to discipline Marchand for crossing the line with his physical play, and this situation was no different.

“When it happened I addressed it right after the period,” explained Julien. “Slew-footing is certainly not something that I like to see, whether it’s for or against us. If he’s going to be doing that then he’s going to get fined and he’s deserving of it.

“He has to own up to his mistakes and he’s done a good job of doing that. Again, we talk about a young player who’s trying to find that fine line and not cross it. There are times when he does and he gets fined. We’ve addressed it.”

Marchand is at his best when he’s getting under the skin of his opponents. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

“As I’ve put it in my own words: I want him to be a good brat, not a bad brat,” Julien said. “That means don’t cross the line and I think he did that time. His response was, ‘I thought I was going to get away with it.’ That’s not what you want to see from your players.”