Turco remembers 'quiet' Brady at Michigan

BOSTON -- Marty Turco was the starting goaltender for the University of Michigan during his four-year collegiate career and he helped the Wolverines to the NCAA National Championship as a senior in 1998.

That same year, the school’s football program had a new starting quarterback: Tom Brady.

Turco was good friends with Brady’s predecessor, Brian Griese, who helped the football program to a share of the national championship in 1997. It was normal for the football and hockey teams to hang out and Brady was one of those players who would make frequent visits to the hockey house.

“He was younger and we treated him like a third stringer,” Turco said with a smile. “He was quiet, kind of like he is now. He was pretty reserved and picked his spots. We didn’t see nothing crazy out of Tom.”

Turco remembers how Griese described Brady: “This guy is as good as anybody.”

Greise was in the NFL in 1998 and Brady was battling for the starting job with Drew Henson, who was recruited to succeed Greise. Instead, Brady won the job and Henson served as the backup for every game during the 1998 and 1999 season.

“We all know the story of Drew Henson coming in there and that motivated [Brady],” Turco said. “We all knew he was good.”

“He was always over at the house and was a nice kid, a California kid from the Bay Area. I always wanted to play golf with him because I heard he was pretty good. More than anything, I want him to take me to Olympic Club. I’m not an idiot, you know,” Turco said with a laugh.