Marchand on Chimera: 'Trying to be sneaky'

WASHINGTON -- While Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand was walking to the team bus after the 4-3 victory in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against Washington Monday night at Verizon Center, he was approached by a member of the Capitals, who said, "Sorry, man. You know I'm not like that."

One would have assumed the player waiting for Marchand was forward Jason Chimera. (In fact, we did in an earlier post.)

During a scrum in front of the Bruins’ net early in the third period, Chimera clearly struck Marchand in the groin area with his stick, sending Marchand to the ice in pain. He was attended to by team trainer Don DelNegro. Chimera was given a two-minute penalty for slashing.

But Marchand was approached by defenseman Karl Alzner, who caught Marchand with an elbow to the head during the game.

Apologies aside, Marchand was not happy with the Chimera incident.

“He was trying to be sneaky and do a cheap shot,” Marchand said before talking with Chimera. “The ref caught him and that’s all that matters.”

It’s the playoffs and no doubt emotions are running high, but Marchand thought Chimera crossed the line.

“You don’t want to see stuff like that,” Marchand said. “You want to try to stay away from that stuff, but that happens in the playoffs.”