Doc on Donaghy: I'm sick of that guy

BOSTON -- Doc Rivers fired back at Tim Donaghy after the disgraced former NBA referee had harsh words for the Celtics' coach during a Boston radio appearance Tuesday morning.

"My buddy," Rivers joked when Donaghy's name was brought up by reporters before Tuesday's game against the Bucks. Asked if he had heard Donaghy's comments about Rivers trying to persuade refs, Rivers challenged the credibility of someone who admitted to betting on NBA games.

"I've been trying to get on younger players for a long time and persuade them to do things as well," said Rivers. "I don't know, I'm so sick of that guy right now, I really am, for our league. I love our league, and I hate what's going on, that we're giving a guy like him credibility."

Donaghy appeared on the Dennis & Callahan program on WEEI (850 AM) Tuesday morning and, when asked about Rivers, had many critical statements.

You can read the full Q&A HERE, but here are some highlights of what Donaghy said:

"I certainly had my share of problems with Doc, so he wasn’t high on my list.

"I thought he was one of those guys who put a lot of pressure on referees, especially young referees, to try to manipulate them into giving him the benefit of the calls.

"He was good at manipulating, but I think he took it to a whole new level of the way he whined and complained. I think the stronger referees had enough of the way he acted."

Donaghy served a little more than a year in federal prison for his gambling crimes before being released last month.