KG: Nothing shiny, nothing glossy

BOSTON -- Celtics forward Kevin Garnett put together another brilliant game Tuesday night, scoring a team-high 25 points on 9-of-13 shooting with nine rebounds as Boston topped the Bucks, 98-89, at TD Garden.

And while Garnett, who shot 90.9 percent while connecting on 10 of 11 shots in a win over Oklahoma City on Friday, admitted he's shooting the ball particularly well right now, he's hardly conscious of it.

“Really I’m not even paying attention to my shot," said Garnett. "I just know it feels good. I feel great, I feel a lot more explosive. Everything I’m doing in the course of the offense is nothing sparkly, it's nothing shiny, it's nothing glossy. I’m just going out there trying to get chances to score, opportunities to be effective. I’m trying to take advantage of them. Other than that, my mindset is more defensive than offensive right now. I'm not even thinking about the offensive end, to be honest with you.

"But it does feel good coming off my hand and I’m just trying to be aggressive.”

Staying aggressive, Garnett challenged the Celtics to be even better than they've been on this eight-game winning streak. He noted the team still has issues to resolve.

“You tend to think it is supposed to start off damn-near perfect," said Garnett. "I think we won [six games in a row] at the beginning of the season and that set the tone for what the season could be and I think you read those potentials not knowing that we are not a flawless team. We do make mistakes and teams that are out there are good and do have good players on their teams, and some nights we are going to look bad and some nights we are not going to win. I just think that this team has been a work in progress."