Baby names

WALTHAM, Mass. -- The day after Glen Davis adopted the reporter-suggested "Uno Uno" nickname, while retiring "Big Baby," his monikers were still a hot topic of conversation as the Celtics practiced at the Sports Authority Training Center at HealthPoint on Tuesday.

Asked for a suggestion, Celtics coach Doc Rivers kept it simple.

"How about Glen?" Rivers asked with a chuckle. "That would be nice, instead of She Nay Nay, Mookie or Pookie. Something like that. Just call him Glen."

Of course, no one knows better the plight of getting people to call you by your given name than Glenn Rivers. As the story goes, Rivers earned the nickname "Doc" from former Marquette (and Utah) coach Rick Majerus after wearing a Julius Erving "Dr. J" T-shirt to a summer basketball camp before college.

For his part, Davis was still rallying behind "Uno Uno" Tuesday. He noted that Chad Ochocinco paved the way for Spanish-spoken uniform numbers in the NFL, but Davis would carry the torch in the NBA.

When it was suggested that Davis could utilize Glenn, with two "N's," as a new nickname, in honor of his coach, Davis quickly brushed it aside.

"No, I think people that spell their name with two "N's" are weird," joked Davis. "I always get mad when people spell my name with two "N's." I don't know why."