Pregame notes: Doc's decision is old news

BOSTON -- A collection of pregame news and notes before the Boston Celtics host the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday night in the regular-season finale at the TD Garden:

The rundown (a quick look at pregame headlines)

* Doc: Departure report is 'old news'

* Big 3 and Perk sitting out; Scal (shoulder) to play

* Meet the new guys: Gaffney and Lafayette arrive

Doc: Departure report is 'old news'

Celtics coach Doc Rivers called a report of his possible departure this offseason "old news" and stressed that his family has not had a single conversation about his future as a head coach in Boston.

Responding to a Boston Herald report that suggested Rivers was leaning towards retirement following the 2009-10 season, Boston's sixth-year coach noted that he goes through the same process each offseason and that this year would be no different.

"It's what I've said for the last three years, that is what I told [the Herald]," said Rivers. "It's old news, it really is. I don't think about it, to be honest. Every summer I do the same thing: I go home, get away from it for a while, and make a decision. It's no different than last summer or the summer before that. I was a little amused at the question, because I thought it was old news.

"No, I haven't thought about it. I don't think about it. If you thought about it after every game, you'd go a different way each time. If you win, you think you can do this forever; when you lose it's, 'Man, I think I'm leaving.' It's human nature. Other than that, as a family, we haven't talked about it. It's what I said [Tuesday], it's a non-issue for me now. Obviously a lot of people outside have made a lot of conclusions on what I'm thinking. I always thought I was the best source."

The Herald report suggested that with three seniors -- two in college, one in high school -- Rivers could be tempted to depart, particularly on the heels of a frustratingly inconsistent season and with a potential rebuilding looming, but Rivers stressed he hasn't even begun the process of determining his future.

"Maybe we won’t [rebuild]," Rivers said when asked about that potential team option. "We haven’t gone down that road, it hasn’t been discussed as an organization. I think there are lot of assumptions being made that aren’t there yet. Time will tell."

Big 3 and Perk sitting out; Scal (shoulder) to play

With the focus back on Wednesday's regular-season finale against the Bucks, Rivers noted he would sit the entire Big Three, along with Kendrick Perkins and Tony Allen.

The Big Three is designed to both get his starts rest and avoid injury, while Allen is still battling an illness. Kendrick Perkins is a little more complicated. Boston's center boasts 15 technical fouls, one short of the magic number that triggers a suspension.

But since no one in the league office could tell Rivers and Co. if that suspension would be imposed on the first game of the playoffs or the first game of next season, the team isn't taking any chances.

"Perk's at the number," said Rivers. "We can't take the chance. The league has not told us, it's never happened, which is surprising to us. They don't know what action they would take if he gets his 16th -- whether he misses the first playoff game or misses the first game of next year. We called [Tuesday] and asked the question, but no one knew the answer. That meant Perk's not playing at all."

And what about Rasheed Wallace?

"He's at 14, so we'll play him until he gets a technical, then sit him," joked Rivers.

Meet the new guys: Gaffney and Lafayette arrive

Fresh faces Tony Gaffney and Oliver Lafayette, officially signed by the Celtics Wednesday, were in the Boston locker room before Wednesday's game, soaking in the atmosphere with wide eyes.

Gaffney will wear No. 27, while Lafayette took No. 0. Both players joked it's hard to get a number in these parts given all the ones that hang from the rafters. Gaffney wore No. 24 in college, but that's retired for "Mr. Clutch" Sam Jones. Lafayette last wore No. 20 with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, but that's obviously taken here by Ray Allen.