Practice report: Fracas fallout

WALTHAM, Mass. -- A collection of news and notes after the Boston Celtics practiced Sunday at the Sports Authority Training Center at HealthPoint in preparation for Tuesday's Game 2 vs. the Miami Heat.

The rundown (a quick look at practice headlines)

* KG: No thoughts on Richardson's comments

* Doc: 'Instigator should be the guy'

* Pierce: Shoulder feeling all right

KG: No thoughts on Richardson's comments

On the day after the fracas that marred Boston's Game 1 victory over Miami, Celtics forward Kevin Garnett did his best to avoid engaging in a war of words with Heat forward Quentin Richardson, but reiterated his stance that he thought Richardson's actions were "classless."

Garnett earned a double technical and ejection when he elbowed Richardson during a scrum that broke out when Paul Pierce tumbled to the floor near the Miami bench with a right shoulder injury with 40 seconds to play in the fourth quarter. Richardson admitted he stood near Pierce and suggested he was exaggerating his injuries, to which Garnett took umbrage.

Richardson sounded off after the game, calling Garnett and Pierce "actresses" and noting that, "I don't like them, and they know it."

Asked for a response to Richardson's comments Sunday, Garnett wouldn't bite.

"No thoughts at all," said Garnett. "Classless -- a classless act on his part. I’m moving on with it. I’m not going to go back and forth commenting through [the media]. End this."

Garnett noted he had not talked to the league when he met with reporters after Boston's hourlong practice. The league confirmed they were looking into the incident Sunday morning, but the Celtics hadn't had any correspondence before their afternoon session.

Garnett did say he apologized to his teammates after Saturday's game.

"I apologized because, like [coach] Doc [Rivers] said, sometimes even when you’re right you're wrong," said Garnett. "A situation like that was totally classless, you know, but you keep it moving. It's nothing to keep going back and forth with."

Garnett did say he has no regrets about the incident and if that comes at the cost of a suspension, he's fine with it.

"Not at all," Garnett repeated three times when asked if he regretted entering the fray. "I would hope if I was hurt or down in that position that someone would at least give me the space to recover or gather myself. That's all I was asking for, nothing more, nothing less than that."

Asked if too much emotion could be good or bad for a team, Garnett added, "I wouldn't say good or bad, but it's when you let emotions get the best of you. I can say that you sort of have to bite down, understand what the situation is. In that sense, it's an emotional game, a high-intensity game. Everybody is playing with those same emotions, both sides playing fiery basketball. It's aggressive, but at some point you have to be in control of yourself."

Doc: 'Instigator should be the guy'

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he was still waiting to hear from the league in terms of further punishment for Garnett, but noted that NBA security had called the team and Boston's argument is that Richardson was the instigator in Saturday's scrum.

“Nothing yet, but I’m sure NBA security will call -- they were calling as I was walking out -- and they’ll talk to Kevin and probably [Glen Davis]," said Rivers. "Then they’ll look at the film and make a case. The only thing we told the league is the instigator should be the guy that you should look at. Because if you take away the instigator, none of that happens. I think, overall, that’s something the league has done more of lately.”

Rivers noted he has no concerns about a feud between Richardson and Pierce, so long as it doesn't prevent the team from its ultimate goal on the floor.

"I have no concern as long as Paul controls himself," said Rivers. "I don't worry about the other guy. Our objective is to win the basketball game. That's all I told our guys. Emotions are emotions, but nothing gets in the way of winning."

Pierce: Shoulder feeling all right

Like Garnett, Pierce tried his best to prevent the situation with Richardson from escalating any further, and said his best course of action was to respond on the floor.

As for the incident itself, Pierce thought it was a little overblown.

"I actually just saw it [Sunday] morning on SportsCenter," said Pierce. "It was just two teams getting into it, playoff emotions were flying, that's about it."

Pierce was then peppered with questions about his rivalry with Richardson, including why such animosity between the players exists.

"I don't know," said Pierce. "Ask Quentin. That's a good question for him.

"It's nothing but talk, truthfully. I'm not getting into that 'he said, she said' thing. That's for all y'all in the papers, to sell papers. I'm just going to continue to play basketball."

And what about Richardson calling him an actress?

"I don’t get paid to act," said Pierce. "I get paid to play basketball.

"The only thing I can do is respond with my play. Regardless of what anybody says, or anybody does to me. I can still respond with my play."

As for the shoulder injury that precipitated the entire incident, Pierce said he was "all right."

"I'll get a massage on it today, ice, get some treatment," he said. "It should be good."