Practice report: KG expects Heat from Miami fans

WALTHAM, Mass. -- A collection of news and notes after the Boston Celtics practiced Wednesday at the Sports Authority Training Center at HealthPoint in advance of Game 3 of an Eastern Conference opening-round series against the Miami Heat:

The rundown (a quick look at practice headlines)

* KG expects Heat from Miami fans

* Doc continues to laud Perk's play

KG expects Heat from Miami fans

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said Wednesday that his teammates made it easier for him to be away from the arena for Game 2 with their lopsided win, but his focus now is on Game 3 and bracing himself for a hostile environment.

"My mindset now, I'm thinking about Game 3 and thinking about how hostile it's going to be down in Miami," said Garnett. "We've played on the road in the playoffs, we know it's going to be difficult, so I think that's the mindset now.

"I don't expect any of us to get any cheers down there. I'm no different from that. I'm not saying I'm the villain or the hero, I could care less. I've played on the road before. I've played in San Antonio and I know they hate me there, for whatever reason. This will be no different. It is what it is. I could care less."

Garnett also said he's not resting on the success the team enjoyed beating the Heat twice in Miami during the regular season, including once without him.

"The regular season is the regular season," said Garnett. "I never mix the two, to be honest."

Doc continues to laud Perk's play

After Tuesday's Game 2 victory, Celtics coach Doc Rivers singled out a second-quarter pass by Kendrick Perkins that ignited Boston's 44-8 run spanning into the third quarter and helped the team build a 32-point cushion. On Wednesday, Rivers continued to heap praise on his big man, going so far as to suggest Perkins was the best player on the court.

"Perk's been fantastic defensively, he's doing a great job and a lot of it is 1-on1," said Rivers. "You can't use too many guys on [Jermaine] O'Neal with [Dwyane] Wade running around. I think what he's doing is great, trying to fight [O'Neal] off the block, and he's been pretty good at that.

"I thought Perk was the best player in the game [Tuesday]. I thought his passes is what got everybody shots. Most of [Glen Davis'] layups came off Perk passes. A couple of Ray's shots and, again, the biggest play of the game, when [Miami] was up four, and I had gotten on them three or four times about making the next pass, Perkins threw that skip pass to Michael Finley for a 3-pointer. I think he played a great floor game and he was our point-center [Tuesday]."

For his part, Perkins said he focused on defense and the offense came on its own.

"I was really just thinking all defense and Doc kept telling me to make the extra pass. Baby was open a lot under the rim -- I just kept hitting him. If he wasn't open, then the guards and the 3[-pointer] was open. The thing about the Heat, they're a great help team, but I don't think they made the second effort to help on the next pass. They're going to help on the first pass, but it's the next pass that they get beat on."

Even with a 2-0 advantage, Perkins expects Miami to come out swinging on its home turf.

"They're going to give us their best effort," said Perkins. "We gotta be prepared for everything. When teams get tough, we can't put our heads down. We gotta stay with each other. It's going to be tough out there, it's not going to be an easy job."

(h/t: Boston Globe on KG-Duncan video)