Video: Early look at Celtics-Cavaliers

ESPN’s Robert Flores and Tim Legler take an early glance at Celtics-Cavaliers (video above) and address the question, is Boston good enough to take down top-seeded Cleveland?

“Not enough evidence,” Legler answered, “based on the team they played in the first round the Miami Heat. I think the Miami Heat are so anemic offensively in terms of options outside of Dwyane Wade, it’s really tough to tell if the Boston Celtics are playing at that level.

“To beat a team like Cleveland not only do you have to be great defensively you need to make sure you have balance offensively and that you have, every night, at least 3 or 4 guys that are going to have good offensive games.”

Legler thinks the Celtics can go “toe to toe” with the Cavaliers but acknowledged they face a tall task.