Rondo and #LooseBall

Jason Miller Miller/US Presswire

Meet the latest Celtics player on Twitter: Point guard Rajon Rondo.Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo -- Boston's latest entrant into the murky waters of Twitter, at least given all the headaches his teammates have endured using the social media application this season -- is trying to give back to fans by giving away prizes, including tickets to the NBA Finals, as part of a weeklong scavenger hunt in the Boston area presented by Red Bull.

It sounds pretty simple. Follow Rondo on Twitter (@RajonRondo), then, starting Monday, look for a Tweet with the hashtag #looseball with a hint to the secret location for that day's prize. First there, gets the big prize, while others get lesser swag. Full details can be found on Rondo's Facebook fan page.

ESPN contributor Darren Rovell provided a good read at CNBC earlier this week about how Red Bull signed Rondo before the competition for his services really heated up given his recent elevation to All-Star level. Note this quote from the story:

“He wasn’t even an All-Star at the time, but they identified him as a guy who would be good for their local and regional marketing,” said Bill Sanders, chief marketing officer for BDA Sports, which counts Rondo as a client. “Given how big he has become, they’re definitely thinking of doing more now.”

The #LooseBall scavenger hunt sure seems like the first of a hip and innovative way to market a hip and innovative player.