C's in power rankings

A quick glimpse at the more noteworthy power rankings and where the Celtics check in this week:

* In ESPN.com's NBA power rankings, the Celtics leapfrogged the Heat for the No. 2 spot, just in time for Thursday's rematch on South Beach. Before Boston fell to Dallas Monday night, curator Marc Stein wrote, "It's not just the [top-ranked] Lakers making us know-it-alls look silly for suggesting that various title contenders would ease into the season. The Celts are back in the top two after a 4-0 week awash in more glorious Rondo dimeage."

* In John Hollinger's computerized power rankings, the Celtics debut at No. 6 (sure to leave some scratching their heads). Know this: the formula puts little stock in overall record, looking instead at things like strength of schedule (C's are 10th overall) and margin of victory (C's are 7th overall). Larger margin of victories aided the five teams in front of Boston.

* Over at NBA.com's power rankings, the Celtics also hold the No. 2 spot behind the Lakers. Writes curator John Schuhmann, "Boston has to be anticipating Delonte West's return from suspension. In addition to alleviating the load that Allen and Pierce have been carrying, he will provide a boost to the offense, which has been rather mediocre. Thursday's game is huge, but the Celtics can't look past Dallas on Monday."