Old man on the farm

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MIAMI -- Amidst the neon-glow of world famous South Beach, 38-year-old Shaquille O'Neal couldn't rave enough about his new life on the farm in Sudbury.

While praising the Celtics organization for bringing him to Boston, O'Neal threw in his latest plug for the Sudbury Tourism Bureau.

"It's been perfect [with Boston]," said O'Neal. "I couldn't have scripted out my last 700 days any better. Great guys, great coach, great city. I live outside of Boston in an even greater city out there in Sudbury. It's nice and peaceful. It's good for an old man to just chill out.

"I have a nice farm on 10 acres. I've got a nice little chair and out there I see a few wild turkeys, foxes, and coyotes in my grass. I'm loving it."