Time to get ill

BOSTON -- Maybe it shouldn't have been a surprise to find Pedialyte in the locker of a guy who goes by the nickname "Big Baby."

Regardless, Glen Davis had been chugging the stuff for two days hoping to get on the court Wednesday when his Celtics hosted the Denver Nuggets at the TD Garden. Battling a stomach flu, Davis hadn't stepped on a basketball court since Sunday's game in New Jersey and was sent home from practice Tuesday -- in part to not infect his teammates -- after exhibiting a fever that reached nearly 103 degrees, leaving him questionable for game action.

"I woke up this morning not feeling too well," said Davis, admitting he wasn't sure if he would play Wednesday. "I was light-headed a little bit. I took a little bit of Advil and I felt better. I got home [from shootaround], drank some more Pedialyte and ate a little bit and I was sitting there thinking, 'Should I play or should I not play?'

Davis didn't just play, he contributed 16 points off the bench, while grabbing six rebounds, registering three steals, and absorbing three charges over 26 minutes, 35 seconds of action as Boston emerged with a 105-89 triumph.

Dressing at his locker following the game, a bottle of orange Pedialyte sat in his stall. Twelve more ounces of electrolytes to ensure he'd be back on the court Thursday night for the second half of Boston's back-to-back in Philadelphia.

"I drank about four gallons [of Pedialyte]," Davis said with a smile. "Four gallons of Big Baby Pedialyte. Big Baby for the Baby; I drink my own juice."

Davis could still laugh on a night that ended with tempers flaring as he and Denver's Nene were whistled for double technicals in the final minutes of the fourth quarter (Davis took exception to getting hit with an elbow and told the "out of control" Nene to be more careful).

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