KG's blog: On practice & Pats

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Kevin Garnett's return Monday night would hinge on how he felt after Sunday's short-but-spirited practice session. Garnett didn't address the media following the session, but did post to his ANTA blog, expressing excitement at having the full starting 5 back on the floor, but offering no confirmation about his status against the Magic.

From Garnett's blog:

Today was a great day. We had the starting 5 together at practice for the first time since game 6 of the finals. The timing was a little off, but we definitely gave it to the 2nd unit. Perk was out there, which was awesome. I was pumped for him. He was flying up and down the court and without a sub, he did well. Diesel slipped on some ice and JO is trying to figure out what he can and can’t do.

Felt pretty good today and we’ll see how I am for tomorrow’s big game against Orlando.

Friday we won against Charlotte and Diesel showed glimpses of his old self. He dominated the game and ran the floor well. Only had 10 dressed, so everyone contributed and it was closer [than] it should’ve been. Charlotte has new coaches and they have been playing really well. Glad to see they had some fight in them. They are a team that has good potential and they played hard the other night. When we saw them in Charlotte, they had no fight.

Maybe most noteworthy from the blog was Garnett relaying that the Celtics attended the Patriots-Jets playoff game together as a team Sunday and this was his impressions walking away from a stunning loss.

Weekend was slow and went as a team to the Patriots game. They lost and the stadium was in shock. Crazy that they were supposed to be the best team and now they are out. That is why I want our guys to see that we can’t take anything for granted and we need to play as if we could be eliminated.

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