Report card recap


Our favorite mark was a reflection of how the Celtics tailed off at season's end.With our three-week report card series over, here's a look at all of the final marks with a note on how the grading turned out:


Ray Allen -- A-

Rajon Rondo -- B+

Paul Pierce -- B+

Kevin Garnett -- B+

Shaquille O'Neal -- B+

Delonte West -- B

Glen Davis -- B-

Jeff Green -- C+

Nenad Krstic -- C+

Von Wafer -- C+

Jermaine O'Neal -- C

Late-season additions -- F

Avery Bradley -- Incomplete

The Departed -- Various

Coaching/Front Office

Doc Rivers -- A-

Danny Ainge -- B+

A quick note on the grading process: It's an inexact science, to be sure. Ultimately, it was my goal to grade the player based on production (compared to expectations based on that player's role within the team and his salary). I think the rash of B+'s speak to the fact that a lot of these guys were up and down and it sorta balanced out there (more good than bad, in most cases). There's no curve or anything like that: We were not trying to end up with X amount of A's, B's, C's, etc. It's just that individual player versus expectations. If you look at the midseason report card, the Big Four were up in the A range, but Boston as a team was excelling at that point. Like their grades, the team came back to Earth after midseason.

During the month of June, we'll turn our attention to the NBA Draft and try to start identifying players that the Celtics might target with the Nos. 25 and 55 picks.