Robinson gets into a wee bit of trouble


Twitter / @nate_robinson via kwout

Nate Robinson, dealt away from the Boston Celtics at February's trade deadline, got into a wee bit of trouble in the wee hours Friday morning:

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Oklahoma City Thunder guard Nate Robinson is apologizing to fans after police caught him urinating in public in a New York City suburb.

White Plains police say an officer spotted Robinson urinating on a sidewalk outside a bookstore just before 2 a.m. ET Friday.

Authorities told reporters that Robinson was taken to police headquarters, issued a summons and ordered to show up in court June 22. The offense normally carries a $50 fine.

Obviously, not a lot of news here, but Robinson lands in the headlines as a public figure. It reinforces how these guys are constantly under the microscope. But after a lackluster stint in Boston in which he drew more headlines for off-the-court shenanigans (like his training camp comedy with Shaquille O'Neal) than on the court, where he failed to provide a consistent bench spark, this Robinson news is likely to simply leave Celtics fans shaking their heads.