Odds & season's end

At the very moment the Dallas Mavericks closed the books on the 2010-11 NBA season by topping the Miami Heat Sunday night, the oddsmakers in Las Vegas were opening the books on the 2011-12 campaign. The Boston Celtics check in with 12-1 odds on betting site Bodog.com, sixth best in the league. With the usual disclaimer that this is for entertainment purposes only, here's a look at the top odds:

Miami Heat -- 5-2

L.A. Lakers -- 11-2

Chicago Bulls -- 6-1

OKC Thunder -- 8-1

Dallas Mavericks -- 10-1

Boston Celtics -- 12-1

The poor Toronto Raptors are the site's longest odds at 150-1. Thankfully, there's no option to vote for the lockout to win the 2011-12 title.