5-on-5: Boston's draft strategy

In advance of Thursday's NBA Draft, ESPN Boston cobbled together a starting 5 to tackle five questions on how things might play out for the Boston Celtics. Joining me are ESPN Boston student intern Greg Payne, longtime Celtics scribe Peter May, and a pair of contributors to our True Hoop affiliate CelticsHub.com, Brian Robb and Brendan Jackson. Here's a glance at the questions we tackled:

1) What is the Celtics' biggest need in this year's draft?

2) True or false: The Celtics will find an impact player at No. 25.

3) Who do you think the Celtics will choose at No. 25?

4) True of false: The Celtics will make a draft-night trade.

5) Who could help the Celtics that might still be on the board at No. 55?

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