KG's blog: What's up China?

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett is back in blogging mode and delivered a quick update on his ANTA shoe blog, mostly to alert fans in China of his trip there later this summer:

What's up CHINA? Having a great summer right now. Wish the season ended better, but making the best of my time. Been Relax'n and catching up with some things that I don't get to do during the season. Getting ready to get back to the "lab" and get my body right! Thinking about getting everything set up for my trip back to China! Man can't Wait! Sitting at the crib listen'n to my man Damani's album "On Vacation from Vacation" ...

Thanks for the support and catch up with you all soon. Maybe by blog or when I'm in China! Geeked for the trip!

All the best and Reach Higher, KG.