C's gift to Shaq? Tenement on wheels

http://www.tout.com/m/y0mwz9#From the moment he announced his retirement via social media, Shaquille O'Neal hasn't stopped using the platform to keep us updated on his activities. There was the (too?) detailed look at his calf surgery, the shoutout to fellow retiree Yao Ming, and now this: Shaq suggested the Celtics purchased The Big AARP an RV to enjoy with his new free time.

Sources close to the team confirmed that the Celtics had no involvement in purchasing the vehicle.

O'Neal's girlfriend, Nicole Alexander, suggested on Twitter that the couple will utilize the tenement on wheels to trek to the West Coast and back.

Shaq, of course, has RV experience. He'd make a great Cousin Eddie in a Christmas Vacation sequel (and no, we won't acknowledge THIS).


(Updated July 11 to reflect C's not involved in purchase.)