Rondo on elbow, overseas potential

Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is hosting the third and final week of basketball camps at the MidAmerica Sports Complex in his native Louisville, Ky. and spent time with reporters Wednesday. Rondo talks about his injured elbow, potentially playing overseas, and Boston's ability to win with an aging Big Three. Check out the full video above from WDRB TV (Fox 41). Here's a handful of highlights:

On his dislocated elbow: "It's the most pain I've ever been in playing ball. I'm feeling a little pain now, but the swelling is down. The only thing is there's swelling in my joint. I'll be fine, it just takes time. I've got a couple more weeks that I'm off, as far as rest and the repetition of weights."

On potentially playing overseas: "It's something my agent and I have spoken about. A lot of things go into playing overseas, a lot of little things to take care of. For me, right now, I'm just focused on getting healthy -- getting healthy and getting better for my team next year, the Boston Celtics."

On Boston's title potential with an aging Big Three: "I'm not concerned about the Big Three. There's a lot of things that people don't see, behind the scenes. They take care of their bodies. They are in the gym early, in the gym late... We still have a chance to get another ring."

On the lockout: "I don't have much stress [about the lockout], I'm just trying to get my elbow healthy, do my summer routine, and get rehab on my elbow... I can't speak much about [the lockout]. I'm not as involved as I'd like to be. I follow up on email and I talk to my agent every day. I'm aware of what's going on. We just have to wait."

In his typical deadpan style, Rondo offers some subtly hilarious lines about the camp for youngsters, noting at times that "I'm the best player out there," and that he "loves the smaller rims so I can dunk." He also talks about how he comes back to the region because of his roots here and talks about the fraternity of University of Kentucky players in the NBA.