Mailbag, Part II: Camping questions

On the heels of one of the most bizarre days in league history, the Boston Celtics will open training camp Friday at the Sports Authority Training Center at HealthPoint. It might not stack up against the blockbuster trade-vetoing, new CBA-approving events of Thursday, but Friday is expected to be rather hectic as well. We tackle your Celtics questions before the start of camp. Here's a sampling:

Q: Now that Chris Paul is likely gone, I say the Celtics should try to win with what they've got. Bring back Glen Davis, Delonte West, and Jeff Green. Then use the mid-level to get Kwame Brown (prefer one-year deals for Davis and Brown). I believe the only way the Celtics can win in the playoffs is if coach Doc Rivers utilizes their entire bench, which means they need depth at every position. -- Damon (Boston)

A: Putting the band back together is easier said than done. It's certainly in the Celtics' best interest to use their Bird Rights to retain (or sign-and-trade) Davis and Green, but both players could make a push for long-term deals and the Celtics will have to determine if those guys fit into their future plans. The Celtics want to remain financially responsible in order to preserve the cap space that will open this summer when the bloated contracts of Kevin Garnett and, to a lesser degree, Ray Allen come off the books. As for West, I think he's seeking more security -- more money or more years -- and other teams can trump what Boston is able/willing to offer (Thursday's trade for Keyon Dooling might also be a sign of Boston's uncertainty in being able to bring back West).

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