Green on health: 'I'm all good'

WALTHAM, Mass. -- A day after doctors discovered something worrisome during his physical, Jeff Green -- Danny Ainge’s newly re-signed $9 million man -- said Tuesday that he’s healthy and should be ready to go soon.

“I’m all good,” Green said at the team's media day at HealthPoint. “People are spreading rumors, trying to assume that I’m some kind of way but I’m fine.”

So what did doctors find?

“I have no idea,” Green said. “I went to the doctor and I guess they saw something, but it’s nothing serious... I didn’t ask [what it was]. I was more concerned with trying to get to practice. When they said that I had to wait, I mean I’m a patient guy, and we have a long short season. So I’m not gonna rush. I’ve been here, I’ve been still doing some things and still trying to keep up. I just haven’t been able to scrimmage with the team.”

Green stressed that whatever his mysterious ailment is, it’s not as grim as some have imagined.

“No, it’s not all these heart rumors, or anything else that all these bloggers, or any of you guys are starting,” he said. “It’s nothing.”

“People are just going to assume and try to say it’s something, but it’s nothing serious, let’s put it that way.”

Asked if he intends to practice today, Green said, “I don’t know yet. There were some things yesterday with the doctors and we’re still waiting back to get the okay, but hopefully I can. That’s my plan.”