Bill Simmons' Celtics prediction

In this week's B.S. Report podcast, Bill Simmons predicts the records for every team in the Eastern Conference. His Celtics prediction (which comes around the 10-minute mark) is 37-29.

He feels like the condensed schedule is going to hurt the aging C's and that Doc Rivers is going to focus on getting rested and healthy for the playoffs.

"In a conventional year, with rest and stuff, it's a team that would go 53-29. ... I think they're going to throw away five wins because Doc is smart, he knows they need to just get the sixth seed, avoid Chicago and Miami in Round 1," Simmons says.

For the record, a 37-29 record for a 66-game season translates to 46-win season if projected over the course of 82 games.

Check the blog tomorrow for our Celtics predictions roundup.