ESPN Boston Radio: Forsberg on C's

ESPNBoston.com's Chris Forsberg was on ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones on Friday afternoon to discuss the green's 0-3 start and tonight's home opener against the Pistons.

Forsberg was asked what has been the most alarming thing about the 0-3 start.

"It's definitely the defense," Forsberg answered. "The one thing this team was supposed to be able to do is get by on its defense. ... It's been non-existent these first few games. They've been terrible. ... It's alarming to me that the defense has played as bad as it has.

"The fact that they've had to switch to the zone in two games already because they're not confident in their man-to-man defense isn't a good sign. They need to figure this thing out. Paul Pierce will help, but I don't think adding Paul Pierce with a bruised heel is going to be the solution. It starts up front, they have to stop letting guys into the paint and near the basket."