Weekend Dime: Market conditions

As part of his Weekend Dime, ESPN.com's Marc Stein points out how trade floodgates could open on March 1 this season because of the impending trade eligibility for players inked during this frenzied offseason:

One of the factors that has contributed to the limited in-season trade activity so far is the delayed trade eligibility of more than 100 players. In a normal NBA season, free agents who ink contracts in the offseason can't be traded for three months from the date they signed or Dec. 15, whichever falls later. The rule, though, had to be amended because of the lockout, which pushed free agency back to Dec. 9 for the 2011-12 season. Free agents who signed contracts for this lockout-shortened campaign thus can't be traded for two months from the signing date or March 1, whichever falls later. In 20 days, then, every team in the league will have more contracts to plug into deals to satisfy salary-cap requirements, which could serve as a useful impetus to help trigger activity before the March 15 trading deadline. Said one Eastern Conference executive: "Teams are eager for March 1."

A list of all the trade-eligible players is included. The players for the Celtics are Marquis Daniels, Sasha Pavlovic, Mickael Pietrus, Greg Stiemsma, and Chris Wilcox (I believe Pavlovic is the only player on the Celtics with the ability to veto a trade given his impending early Bird rights). This is not to suggest the Celtics would be interested in moving any of these players, simply that they could be included in deals, particularly as potential salary filler if Boston attempted a deal grander in scale.

(h/t: CelticsBlog for the find)