Pierce, KG might get more rest

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have each sat out two of the last four games simply to get some rest. Doc Rivers indicated Monday that the two might also miss one of the last two regular-season games. He wouldn’t elaborate.

Rivers consistently has said that he values “rest and rhythm” over any fight to get past Atlanta and have homecourt advantage in the first round of the playoffs. The Celtics currently trail the Hawks by one game, but hold the tie-breaker should the teams finish with identical records.

“It’d be nice to get," Rivers said, when asked about homecourt. “We’ve got two games left and we’re trying to win them both. Then we’ll see what happens.”

The Celtics’ remaining games, both at home, are against Miami (Tuesday) and Milwaukee (Thursday). The Hawks' two remaining games are against the LA Clippers (Tuesday) and the Dallas Mavericks (Thursday). Both of those games are in Atlanta.

Pierce said he was happy to have made it through this difficult season injury-free after missing the first three games with a bruised right heel. The other two games he has missed have been for rest.

“I feel great. When I look back at the season, all you can say is you got through it," he said. “There were a lot of complaints about the schedule, about the travel, the back-to-backs, the three games in a row. But I think I was able to hold up for the most part other than at the beginning of the year on an injury that happened before the season. I’m glad I made it through the season knowing that a lot of guys, a lot of key players, were injured. I’m happy for that.”