Patriots' Wilfork cheering for Celtics


Rajon Rondo and Vince Wilfork caught up during the lockout.Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, a familiar presence at Celtics games, including recent playoff action, lent his support to the Boston hoopsters while talking about the team at New England's offseason workouts Thursday at Gillette Stadium.

"Absolutely, I watched (Game 2); I couldn’t believe we blew a 15-point lead," said Wilfork, who has been courtside with wife Bianca for recent playoff games against the 76ers. "That’s heartbreaking, but they’re fighting hard. They’re fighting really hard. I still have faith and hopefully we can pull two away at home and get it back to even. [I’m] a big fan and I’m pulling for them."

Wilfork was asked about the non-call against Dwyane Wade, who appeared to make contact with Rajon Rondo's head while defending an overtime drive to the rim, and had some fun with it.

"Oh, man, that’s a fine; out here (in the NFL) that’s a fine," said Wilfork. "I wish them all the luck in the world. They’ve fought through a lot of battles and I’m pretty sure character is going to play a lot going into these next couple of games and how well they can play as a team. [It’s] the same thing we do, how well we play as a team, I think you perform better [when] you trust teammates. I’m pulling for them."

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady offered his support to the Celtics as well.

"I (heard) about (the Game 2 loss) this morning on the way in," said Brady. "It’s a bummer, but there’s still a lot of basketball left. I hope they pull it out. They’ve got a great team and the Heat are pretty good, too. Hopefully (the Celtics will) pull it out."

Patriots jack-of-all-trades Julian Edelman, no stranger to dropping by the Garden, is also pulling for Boston.

"I watched the first half and fell asleep," said Edelman. "They were playing lights out, from what I've seen. Rondo, man. What did he have, 22 (points) at half? He was hitting that jumper, and once he hits that jumper, he's unstoppable. He's very fun to watch. I like watching Rondo, and Pierce doing well. Let's see if they can come back and get a win out here in Boston, that would be great."