'Good job, good effort' kid on ESPN Radio

Nine-year-old Jack Meyer -- otherwise known as the "Good job! Good effort!" kid who chanted his encouraging message at the Miami Heat players as they exited the court following a Game 5 loss -- was on ESPN Chicago Radio on Thursday to talk about his instant fame (listen to the podcast HERE).

"Everyone is giving me more respect now and I really enjoy it," Meyer said.

And here's what he was thinking when he chanted his supportive words to the Heat:

"I was actually really depressed in my mind, but I was really happy for the Heat," Meyer said. "They did an amazing job in the game. I just don't see how the Boston Celtics beat them, they were really, really great."

He said the only Heat player that responded to him was Terrel Harris, who gave him a thumbs-up as he walked through the tunnel.

"The Heat are nothing but amazing, young and talented stars who are blossoming in the playoffs," Meyer added about his favorite team.

Meyer predicted a 105-98 victory for his beloved Heat in tonight's Game 6. His three keys to the game:

"Shoot less 3s and fight really hard on those offensive boards. And last, you've got to focus on what you're doing. You can't turn the ball over because you're doing nothing. You have to focus really hard."

Would he tell Erik Spoelstra to play Chris Bosh more?

"In a word? Absolutely."