Doc's a parent first, a coach second

Doc Rivers said one of the best moments of NBA Draft night was watching the reaction of his wife and family as son Austin became the 10th pick and learned he'd be playing for the New Orleans Hornets.

ESPN.com's Henry Abbott wrote about it, and examined the dynamics between the Boston Celtics coach and his talented son in his TrueHoop blog today:

NEWARK, N.J. -- The Detroit Pistons had just selected Andre Drummond ninth overall in the 2012 NBA draft. The New Orleans Hornets were on the clock. And something happened at the table, just a few feet from David Stern's stage, where Duke guard Austin Rivers and his family waited nervously.

All at once, for no apparent reason: jubilance. Grins all around. It would be several minutes until Stern would announce the next pick, but they knew something. Austin's dad, Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, had a smile that was visible from 100 yards.

"Monty and Dell did text," Doc would later explain, talking about Hornets coach Monty Williams and general manager Dell Demps. "But until they called the name, until Stern was like … then you believed it. Because I've been in this league too long. It was really a cool moment. I have always gotten a rise from watching the others. When you win a championship, you watch the players. For me, the most emotional part was watching my wife and [Austin's] brothers. I think that was really cool."

Austin Rivers had made the NBA, as a lottery pick, and would be a Hornet.

It was precisely the outcome the Rivers family wanted. Even though the Hornets are rebuilding and have been in dire straits on and off the court in recent seasons, there is plenty of reason for hope, including new ownership, a great coach and -- this is key -- top overall pick Anthony Davis as a teammate.

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