Now and later: C's salaries in focus

We know the Celtics' roster construction for the 2012-13 season is just about complete with 16 players set to be under contract (three of those contracts are not fully guaranteed, which will inspire some training camp competition for the final spots). But what about for future seasons? With a tip of the cap to our friends at ShamSports.com, we're utilizing their grid-like structure (and some of their numbers) to look at where the Celtics currently stand in terms of contracts for the next five seasons (no player is under contract beyond then):

Key: Green = Non or partial guarantee; Blue = Team Option; Red = Qualifying Offer

The usual caveats apply here: We're still waiting for official numbers on contracts for Garnett, Bass, Lee, Terry and Green (the numbers above are merely estimates based on reported overall value of the contracts). Also, according to ShamSports, Paul Pierce's 2013-14 contract is only $4 million guaranteed (jumping to $5 million if he reaches an expected game-appearance milestone this season).

Pierce's nonguarantee (he must be waived before June 30 next year or his salary is fully guaranteed) offers an intriguing question about how the Celtics might proceed next season. Boston is committed to around $70 million for its top 10 players, leaving it hovering around the tax line without filling out its bench.

One thing is clear: After all the moves this offseason, the next two summers should be decidedly quieter with far less holes to fill. Boston is well-positioned moving forward, particularly if veterans like Pierce, Garnett, and Terry continue to perform at a high level.

What jumps out to you as you look at the Celtics' salary grid for the next five seasons? Sound off in the comments.