Learning from a Hall of Famer


* Forsberg's note: There's a persistent group of commenters (and Twitterers, too) that have lamented how often now-departed Ray Allen appears in offseason stories. Some like to point out how we wrote that Celtics fans need to move on last month. There's an important distinction here: you can't simply ignore Allen. Let's face it, it was a monster story this offseason and there's going to be fallout all summer and into the regular season, too (maybe only opening night in Miami will start to diminish it, only for it to build back up when he returns to the Garden later in the season). Reaction from his former teammates, particularly ones he had a profound impact on, will remain headline news in this space. The aim of last month's column was to suggest that there's no sense lamenting Allen's departure, not to imply that all Allen news should be ignored. Again, beyond the re-signing of Kevin Garnett, Allen remains one of the biggest storylines of the offseason and there's going to be plenty of dissection during these summer doldrums.