KG reflects on recent seasons in China

During his promotional tour of China, Kevin Garnett sat down for an interview in which he reflected on the "nightmare" end of the 2009-10 season, the "reality TV" atmosphere around the 2010-11 squad, and the end of the Big Three era after the 2011-12 campaign. [Warning: Celtics fans should have the tissues ready when the Adele soundtrack kicks in (5:30 mark) as Garnett, having told the story of the Big Three's last photo together before the trade deadline, talks about one final run with Ray Allen].

From a rough translation of another interview on the tour, Garnett appeared to suggest that he will retire as a member of the Celtics. Given that he's 36 years old and just inked a three-year contract extension, this probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise. There's some more entertaining bits in that interview, if you can get past the translation woes (like "tiger-bashing reporter" and the repeated "dude" references).

(h/t: Red's Army and Celtics Town)