Insider: Are Celtics sneaky good?

Over at ESPN InsiderInsider, David Thorpe writes that Boston quietly and efficiently improved its roster this season:

Boston won the Atlantic Division last season and appears to be deeper and more talented this season. The Celtics should be able to pull off the magical combination of limiting their top players' minutes without sacrificing much in terms of wins. Of course, having well-rested starters does not mean postseason wins are guaranteed, as the Spurs can attest. But last spring it was routine to see Garnett playing great for a long stretch, then huffing and puffing and resting with his hands on his shorts whenever he could. In the end, a more energized Big Three for Boston is likely to make the Celtics a very tough beat in seven games. And if they can defeat Miami, no matter who among the Big Three turns out to be the biggest player of the series, the Celtics will have to thank Ainge and his sharp offseason moves for being the catalyst.

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