Podcast: Gotham talks C's on Herd

Darren McCollester/NBAE/Getty

Celtics president Rich Gotham.Celtics team president Rich Gotham phoned into The Herd on Tuesday to talk about Boston's slow start, chasing the champion Heat, and the "nuclear reactor" that is Kevin Garnett. Hop HERE to listen to the podcast and check out some highlights below:

On Garnett's on-court intensity: "I think he defines the culture. His intensity is unwavering at all times, and whether it’s on the court at practice or on the bus on the way to the arena, he’s the guy who’s setting the tone. I often joke: KG doesn't sleep, I think he just waits for daylight, like Chuck Norris. He just burns. And he’s got that burning intensity, and it keeps everyone else on edge. I say that in a good way. People don’t think they can let up when KG is in the vicinity and I think that’s a good thing for your team. It’s sorta like a nuclear reactor -- he gives you the fuel and his energy is amazing to see. He’s just got around-the-clock energy, he never seems to let down."

On seeing Ray Allen in a Heat uniform: "It was surreal watching [him hit 3-pointers for the Heat], honestly, you’re so used to seeing that for us. As much as I like Ray, he was a good person while he was here, I was not happy to see him knocking down those shots. Life goes on, we landed on our feet; We got the JET, Jason Terry, and Courtney Lee, so we feel good about those guys. It’s just going to take a little time to get those integrated to what we’re doing.

On when to worry about a team's struggles: "Honestly, it’s around the January timeframe, rolling into All-Star break and trade deadline. You have to really have a realistic assessment of where you are, and what your prospects are. And I think with a veteran team we’re pretty calm around here until that point and time. We started our season 0-3 last year, and we ended up a game away from the NBA Finals. This year we’ve got a lot of new guys, I think we have nine new guys on our roster... So Doc’s challenge is to figure out how to use all these parts, because we’ve got a really deep versatile talented team and he’s gotta figure out the right combinations and I think that’s going to take a little time."

On whether he keeps an eye on the activity in the Western Conference: "As a fan, I certainly pay attention to the West and what’s going on with both teams in L.A. in particular, and Oklahoma City. For us, it really is about getting out of the East. That means getting past the Heat, and that’s not to dismiss other teams in the East that are good, Indiana, Philly’s improved, New York and New Jersey -- our division’s got a lot tougher -- but I think anyone in the East has to benchmark themselves against the defending champ and that’s the Heat. So when we think about what we have to do this year, it’s always through that lens."