Five on fire: KG & playing with an edge

Geoff Burke/US Presswire

Celtics center Kevin Garnett.With the Celtics stumbling out of the gates to the 2012-13 season, center Kevin Garnett noted Tuesday that practice the last two days has been a bit more spirited with Boston players eager to get on track.

Garnett himself had a little extra fire in his words while explaining the increased intensity.

"Habits. When we practice, man, we practice the way we play," said Garnett. "Since I've been here, the culture has been to come in, bust your [butt], come in here, do your job, know your role, do your role to the fullest, accept your role, and practice hard for two hours. And we're not going to change that culture. Well, while I'm here, we're not going to change that culture. And when I'm gone, that's another story. But for right now, this is the way we are.

"And I'd say the last two days we've been playing with an edge and it's just about consistency, man. Years out, [reporters] make a lot of notes and probably have notes and new people here, but I've always worried about the consistency of this team and where we are with some of our habits, and when we stay with those consistencies, we're hard as [expletive] to beat. When we get away from them, we're trash. It's as simple as that."

Garnett was later asked about the balance of being his typical unselfish self and showing added aggressiveness on the offensive end while Boston irons out the wrinkles.

"Well one thing I try to do... Doc Rivers is Doc Rivers. Kevin Garnett is Kevin Garnett and I have to find a median and a balance between that," said Garnett. "[Rivers is] the captain, I listen to whatever he says, it's his ship. Within the flow of offense, I pick and choose. I try to use my discretion and IQ to when I have to be aggressive at times. When Rondo or Paul says something to me, I know it's a little more immediate. But other than that, I like to get the ball moving. Since I've been in the league, that's probably been my flaw, if you want to call it that, that I'm too unselfish. I think that's absurd, but who cares anyway? It's who I've been and it's my makeup, so I've gotten, what, 18 years in this now? And it's gotten me this far, so I've done a good job of balancing it out. This is November, we still have 50 more years and 50 more months to play. I've never been a fast starter, but a decent finisher, and I'll find a balance."