#Chargewatch: Rondo tops on team

Our occasional glance at the Celtics' leaders in charges drawn, with help from numbers logged by Synergy Sports. Keep in mind that this list includes all instances where an offensive player makes illegal contact with an established defensive player, resulting in a turnover. For example, team leader Rajon Rondo earned a charge last week when the Nets' Andray Blatche steamrolled him in transition without the ball (screenshot HERE). A look at the full list of Boston charge takes:

Charges drawn by Celtics players

Rajon Rondo - 8

Jared Sullinger - 7

Jason Terry - 5

Kevin Garnett - 3

Paul Pierce - 2

Brandon Bass, Chris Wilcox, Jason Collins - 1

Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Leandro Barbosa, Kris Joseph - 0

* Team total: 28

On the flipside, the Celtics have been whistled for 37 forced charges, including a team-high eight for Garnett and seven for Pierce.